Tidal energy made simple and cost effective

Interesting post about TIDAL energy and a new company that is making simple and cost effective : https://medium.com/predict/the-worlds-cleanest-energy-source-is-nearly-here-5c0d9ce0813e

As there is only one Dragon 12 unit, its energy price is likely still relatively high. But Minesto has said that after they have installed 100 MW or 84 Dragon 12 units, the cost will drop to $108 per MWh, or just a little cheaper than the cheapest nuclear power. But, after that, Minesto predicts prices will fall to as little as $54 per MWh, which is the same cost as the cheapest solar energy or wind power combined with the energy storage costs they need to make them viable. For some sense of how impressive this is, the current cost of tidal energy is around $188 per MWh, meaning the Dragon 12 represents a potential 70% drop in cost!